Attention Potential Puppy Purchasers

We get many inquiries from folks who have just lost a Chihuahua and have another dog at home they believe is grieving over the dog that has passed away, so they think bringing in a puppy will help the remaining dog get over the loss.

Sometimes that works just fine. However, it very well may not! The established dog often wants nothing to do with the new ‘intruder’ and reacts with hostility and even more depression.

Anyone who wants to add a pup needs to be willing to give the established dog plenty of time to adjust. They may have to be separated for quite a while-we recommend a wire x-pen for the pup, so it is visible to the older dog but not bothering it. Certainly, do not feed together. The two dogs may be taken for leashed walks on neutral territory. This will help the dogs become acquainted in a non-threatening atmosphere.

But, above all, only add a pup when YOU want the dog, not primarily
as a companion to your other dog. They may or may not ever be good friends.

We are very concerned about where our pups go, and we don’t want them returned because the purchaser did not give enough thought to bringing in another dog. We also don’t want them injured or made timid by the established dog.

So, please be willing to be very patient if a decision is made to add a puppy.

We receive many inquiries about our Chihuahuas. To better understand your needs, and to determine whether we have the right Chihuahua for you, please fill out this questionnaire if you are seriously interested in adding one of our dogs to your home.

We breed only AKC Chihuahuas with Apple Heads. We do not intentionally breed for tiny dogs, but sometimes they do occur in a litter.

Your email will only be used to contact you about a puppy. It will not be sold or shared with anyone else.

City and State

Have you had a Chihuahua before?
Are you looking for a pet, show dog or breeding dog?
Do you want a Male, Female or No Preference?
Do you want a Smooth Coat, Long Coat or No Preference?
  • If you are looking for a show quality or breeding dog, we will discuss our show/breeding contract with you.
  • If you are looking for a retired show/breeding dog, we don’t have them often, but, if available, will come to you spayed/neutered. Generally, these dogs are 4-7 yrs old. A rehoming fee which includes spay/neuter, will be expected.

We recommend pads and litter box training.

Our contract states that if any Chihuahua purchased from us as a pet, either sires puppies or has puppies, whether by accident or intentionally, the owner must pay a $3000 fine for violation of the contract. In any case, no offspring will receive AKC papers from us.

Do you agree not to let this Chihuahua run loose outdoors without constant supervision?

Note: Even if you have a fenced yard, your Chi must be watched. Hawks, owls, coyotes, snakes, etc. can kill or grab these little guys quickly.

We are willing and happy to take back, at any time, and in any condition, a Chihuahua we have sold. No money will be refunded.

Do you agree not to turn this dog over to a Shelter or Rescue?
Thank you so much for filling out this form. Our main concern with all these questions is to be sure our dogs are in excellent homes with loving ‘parents’ who will care for them and make sure they are happy and healthy!
Ellen, Owner - Tivoli Chihuahuas
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