First of all, I’ve gotten a dozen emails this year asking to buy something better than the bitch I just won the Regional and National specialties with. I read the description of the dog they desire to buy and I don’t want to even bother responding. They want me to promise a PUPPY will hang the moon and the stars. And I will NOT do that.

Let’s be real here - don’t you think I’d keep that dog if I had it? They describe a dog but what they miss in their description is that no such animal is available.

I hear you. You’re a good home. You’re accomplished with your other dogs. You’ll love it. You’ll take great care of it. You just want...

But it doesn’t exist or at least it isn’t available. Because Chihuahuas have small litters and they don’t breed true. I’ve imported and seen countless imports: the grass isn’t really any greener on the other side, either.

These dogs do not breed true because they are a breed that has survived by breeding dogs that you would rather not breed. Because if you don’t, there is no breed.

SO you breed dogs you wish were better. Why? Because it’s the only way to GET better ones. And in the litter you might get 2 or 3 puppies one of which is better and what you needed and one of which isn’t. Sometimes you get nothing at all. But you lather. You rinse. You repeat.

And a dozen or so litters later you have maybe 4 solid hopefuls all from different genetic material because the litter size is small. Each puppy in this group will go on to naturally, produce differently. Instead of keeping 2 puppies from a litter of 10 who have an immense amount in common in their ability to potentially produce consistency (if the litter was consistent - which, oh, you had enough puppies to gather that information!), you can have two puppies that are kissing cousins and yet will likely produce nothing alike. They simply don’t breed true. They are indeed like a box of chocolates, and some of those chocolates just are icky LOL. I have no way to know- is this puppy 1 in 2 or 1 in 10?

Raising these litters is exhausting. I don’t get to whelp once for 10 puppies; I get to whelp 5x. 1-2 sleepless nights waiting. Followed by 1-2 sleepless weeks attending to every squeak and peep. Weighing in grams. Watching them grow. Praying they thrive. Holding the unlucky ones as they pass and my heart breaks yet again. I get to pay 5x the stud fees, 5x the vet costs, 5x the stress on me and my family. And still will NEVER have the information available to me from my litters that larger breeds give.

I will never judge what someone has in the chihuahua ring because we need people in this breed and not everyone can go through what I just described in order to preservation breed them. Judges also should keep in mind the sheer trouble it can be to get these guys on the ground; so please, be gentle. The entry might suck but most of us are doing the absolute best we can. I am unbelievably lucky to have been able to do what I’ve done with my program; not everyone can do this and it makes them no less a valid part of the bigger picture and puzzle!

Hopefully you’re getting the picture here....

If I HAD adhered to my carefully cultivated list of “NEVER’S” when I initially started showing and breeding, I wouldn’t have ever had my first litter let alone the litters specifically that have produced all of my BEST dogs.
It takes an immense amount of perspective and humbleness to realize it’s just not that easy.

It is give and take; push and shove. And at the end of the day, luck simply must be on your side. I am not a one hit wonder, but I don’t blame those that are. These guys are hard!

That’s not to say special dogs don’t leave my house; they do. But they do when I am good and ready. On my time frame. And generally because I can’t stand them or they have one fault that is a pet peeve of mine. And yes, you can plan to pay for it....

I am not just breeding dogs. I am working to build a line. So when people try to talk me out of one of my hard earned “pieces” to my puzzle I feel annoyed and defensive. I was very very blessed to be able to get a few of those pieces my friends worked their asses off for over 15 years which essentially was like cutting in line. I was blessed to use (and continue to use) some of the best studs in the country too. I feel equally obligated to guard their hard work as I do mine.

I just don’t get that many dogs to let go. No matter how I try; I often get just what I need and nothing more. As I progress I’ve let some dogs go that were VERY nice that didn’t quite fit my vision of the perfect chihuahua. But I still can’t meet the demand and probably never can.

The front of the line includes those who have helped me, my friends, and my mentors. Sorry but that’s just how it is. I am loyal and always will be. Without those people I wouldn’t have anything you wanted anyway 🐢😜.

Consider these things when looking for your next chi or toy breed puppy; try to realize you and dozens of others are probably all trying to get the same thing at the same time and availability is rare. And not because we want it to be...

I wish I could make everyone happy; but it also is frustrating when I go back to someone to offer them something and it’s the wrong color. Or they want one with “x”. Or whatever. I’ve been accused of talking people out of dogs simply because I told them the faults. Or because I wouldn’t promise a 12 week old to be amazing. Can’t. Won’t. Don’t wanna.

At the end of the day you wanting something or acting like I owe you something because you’ve been asking for years just doesn’t work for me. So much so, I won’t even DO a waiting list. If a dog makes it past the inner circle availability wise, I make it a free for all. They’re gone in minutes to the first person with cash in hand that is a suitable home. Period. Because I just don’t have time to do it any other way. If I choose to share with you I really, really like you! And if I say I like it, run with it like ya stole it πŸ˜‰.

The moral of the story? As a buyer be realistic. Patient. And willing to work with less than perfect. Cuz ya ain’t gonna get it unless someone makes a boo boo.

OK— I’ll get off my soap box now. Hahaha.

—Excellent article by Kristi Green
Knockout Chihuahuas

Used with permission.


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